Sophia Lewis. My poem - Their voice and mine

Dear warriors, 

This is a poem I wrote about how we shouldn't accept the way our mental illnesses talk to us. We must learn to separate our voice from theirs so that we can one day be strong enough to separate ourselves completely. 

Love, Sophia.

My Poem:

Voice 1: 

Jarring hips,

Shattered knees, 

Sharp collars 

And a buttoned-up spine, 

I will soon make you mine. 


Voice 2:

I’m chained to a body,

That I torture daily,

I’m blind to my mind,

That I always fail to find. 


Voice 1: 

I demand,

Weeping eyes,

And bleeding wrists, 

Just you wait - I have more tricks. 


Voice 2:

Secret books,

With no blank pages, 

Words scribbled down,

When you shout in my head too loud.


Voice 1: 

I’ll let you read,

Of course,

Why not?

After all how else are you meant to know how many calories it’s got. 


Voice 2: 

I don’t know why you don’t leave me alone,

Or let me talk, 

Or let me tell, 

Please let me find a friend.


Voice 1: 

Friends you want,

Your friend is me, 

Quit your dreams, 

Bow down to your queen.


Voice 2:

My files deleted, 

My feelings numb. 

I am simply a machine,

Being controlled by one.


Voice 1:

Don’t question me,

Stop your complaining, 

You don’t need saving,

Really you are only fit for slaving. 


Voice 2: 

I’m empty of energy, 

But full of guilt, 

Full of envy,

Why is it only hope they send me. 


Voice 1: 

Don’t try your master, 

It will only end in disaster, 

With yourself like a lump of lard,

Disregarded and blurred.


Voice 2: 

I will not be blurred,

I will have a name,

Nor will I be fat,

Or shamed. 


Voice 1: 

Do as you wish,

But you’ll soon regret it,

Hope doesn’t last,

You will crawl back to me fast. 


Voice 2: 

No I won’t,

I have never once been wrong. 

You are no good,

My new found quality of life has begun.

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