Sara Huysmans - If not now, soon

Hi Margherita and warriors on Warrior Talk!

I wrote this for Warrior talk. I hope it make sense, I’m not the best at expressing myself, and English isn’t my native language but thank you for being you and motivating me and so many others to keep going. Thank you for this community.

 Am I recovered?

"I’m recovered. Am I really? I don’t know, because even the smallest things can pull the trigger again. 

I’m happy now. I don’t want things to change to the way they were ever again. But, am I recovered? 

What will be on my path, and how will I handle those obstacles? I don’t know. 

Here, right now, at this moment, I am truly in peace with my self. I accept the way my body is, the way my mind works. 

My life isn’t about other’s opinions anymore. Because why would it matter if it made you, the person your soul is living in, sad?

My life isn’t about what I put into my body anymore, but it’s about what I leave behind into this world.

It seems all fine now. Does that mean that I’ll never look with hatred and disgust to my reflection? I don’t know.

All of this is a labyrinth. It’s so hard to find the right way, but you have to keep trying. 

Yes you will get stuck a lot, but don’t give up, because if you do, you’ll never find the exit.

I don’t know if I found my exit yet, but I’m close, that’s for sure. Am I recovered? 

I will be."

Never giving up.

Love from,


Margherita Barbieri