Arancha Almanza- Memories, hope and changes

Hello Warriors, 

I just drank a tall chai tea that tasted like all I’ve been through, it isn’t bad anymore, not any longer… It felt sweet, like never before…

I am grateful for all the natural, artificial and mostly internal disasters that I have experienced, they’ve been nothing but little guiding lights in my life about how there’s so much beauty in our daily life. 

I've been too hard on myself, but I've learned a lot from my eating disorder. I know I'm often wishing I knew how valuable life was before I decided to destroy myself in a way that changed my life forever... hurting my mind and body, wishing I had been able to recognise how fear was taking over my whole self. The truth is I don't see it as a problem as I used to, I always wondered why me? There’s always an answer, I believe the Universe wants me here and brought me right where I am to complete my purpose on this planet, to be an inspiration to others, but mostly to myself.

We are born with a beautiful body that supports us and carries us through everything we need, without questioning any of it. We are often unaware of the things that matter and our decisions can hurt our bodies and change lots of things, but no matter what… I believe nature finds its way back and heals us. We must forgive ourselves for misunderstanding our bodies.

I am kind, I am love, I am honest, I am brave and a precious human being. I am thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned and I’m yet to be taught. I am never alone, there’s always this precious energy next to me, lifting my spirit up and guiding me.

Love from, Arancha. 


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