Carmen Jolis - Love letter 

Dear warriors talk, 

Hello I am Carmen, a talking warrior. A warrior that talks and writes about my mind to others and when I express and explain my thoughts and feelings aloud I find that wonderful things happen in my recovery. 

This is a letter from a warrior to her body. Please take this letter, go and stand in front of a mirror and read it out loud, now. Not tomorrow, not after that, now. Because you have spent enough time in the war with your body and with yourself. It’s time you stopped suffering in silence. 


Dear My Body,

I would like to let you know that I'm incredibly sorry. I am sorry for giving you nothing but hatred for so long. I am sorry for screaming at you those evil words. I am sorry for all the wasted time I spent standing in front of the mirror abusing you. I am sorry for the bad thoughts, I'm sorry for thinking that you're the ugliest weed among all the beautiful flowers. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for making you feel bad about yourself while all you were doing was trying to repair the damage I've done to you. I am sorry for the scars and for the wounds that may heal but will stay in your story forever. Please forgive me for wishing your death while you were trying your hardest to keep me alive.

I can see you know. I can see how far you've brought me. I can see that you were and you are loving me even when I was trying to kill you. I can see how beautiful you are and how much strength you have. I am alive, I am breathing and this is all your doing. The legs that I walk on, the eyes that I can see this amazing world with, the ears that make me able to hear, the mouth that is giving me my own voice, my arms, what are my wings that'll set me free. And all the other incredible and marvellous parts of you. I used to hurt them but now I realised: You are not my enemy, you are my closest friend, you are my home.

Please let me give you back all of the love and support you were giving to me through my hardest times – and through the greatest too. I'll be here for you, I promise. We will heal together, and I won't let you down, not again.

Thank you for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.

I know you are helping me in making my greatest dreams come true.

My home,

I Love you with all of my heart,

From My Mind and Soul.

Self LoveWTI