Liv Gerritse - Be proud

Hey, my names Liv and I wanted to share this poem with you. I don’t know if it’s very good but it’s about where I see myself when I recover, I also hope it is inspiring to others.

Fresh grass 

Warm sun

Crystal water

Orange leaves

Coffee beans

Busy cafes

Public buses

Winter air

Rainy days 



And a happy human being to live in it all


To wake up 

And to run across the vibrant green grass 

To order a chai latte

To swim up from an icy cold ocean and to break the surface of the water, to feel that freezing rain land on your body.

It is the reason I love life


It is the reason that I want to experience these beautiful things with a free mind. One that isn’t roaming for numbers or acceptance.


Recovering for an eating disorder. Is not just getting your life back


Some of us were diagnosed so young we simply don’t remember what ‘life was like’.  




Recovering is crawling in a caterpillar and flying out a butterfly!


You have been suffocated and isolated for so long, the person you USED TO BE is gone! You are a butterfly! 

Recovering is realising all the things you missed!

Uncovering everything you deserved!

AND declaring how you should be treated 

You would have grown so much! you will know exactly what DOESNT BLOODY MATTER! 


One day. 

Everyone reading this will be a butterfly.   

And then as you walk into a cafe and smell the strong coffee beans, you will know what you have become, and you will be proud.