Libby Ralph - Beside me

Hello Warriors, 

I am Libby and this is my poem called “Beside me”.

Good luck to everyone fighting and remember, we can do it! We can find ourselves again.


My journey began when the light turned out

As the darkness grew and all hope was lost 

But I was okay because I had control 

With everything beside me.


I had to go longer and starve my mind

My body became weak and began give up

All that I was and all that I had faded in a heartbeat

With few who knew beside me.


I let myself die a slow painful death 

I didn't even realise the damage

The endless pain ,fear and terror tortured me

With no one to hold beside me.


That's when I realised I had to be helped

I shouldn't be afraid anymore 

Some days we're still dark but I struggled along 

With the ones to never gave up beside me.


The light switched on and I found myself again 

I am now strong ,brave and worthy

So it's time to start living my life

With the whole world beside me.


Love from,

Libby Ralph.