Hilal Karaduman - To love yourself

Dear Warriors,  

I came across you guys a few weeks ago and I cannot tell you how much I am inspired. So many people go through different troubles, including me. But being in a fight with yourself, not feeling comfortable with who you are or always wasting your energy on changing who you are is the least best thing.  I have experienced this in a number of ways but in the end, there was always one answer; love yourself. Even though I am still in the process of loving myself fully and maybe understanding the fact that this is me, there has always been ups and downs. It is not easy to handle them, especially the downs. You feel like someone has tied a black piece of cloth around your eyes and you are just lost in the dark. You cannot remove it yourself unless someone helps you. No one will want to remove the black cloth more than you do. But there will be people willing to help. Look for them! People who will help you remove it rather than getting lost with you in the dark. In the end, you will find out you were not only winning a battle in yourself but creating the best friendships and being so grateful to find them.  

They will make you feel like you are hard to love, they will make you feel like you are not supposed to be different but to be like them. They will make you believe if you weight less you will be prettier. If you have a smooth skin that’s when you are worth talking to. And that’s when you ignore them all and be the person you want to be despite that nonsense. If one did it then we all can! And if we all love ourselves then what's left!

 Love to all you warriors,

Hilal Karaduman  

Margherita Barbieri