Natalia Niec - Goodbye Sun

Hello Warriors,

This is a poem about not seeing yourself for who you truly are and is about the constant lies you tell yourself that just fuels your ED fire, making an endless cycle. Sometimes we don't know what will happen next if the cycle breaks but it's about having faith and being strong. Thinking of it as a day at a time and simply waiting for the next sun to rise.

Goodbye Sun: 

The sun is getting low, it’s getting hard to see the light.

My heart is sinking deep and I am too afraid to take the leap. 

I cannot see the reality

that I know is there, covered by a mist in the dark, a trail of falling snow.

The sun is getting low. 

Here we go again... A constant cycle, circling with no end.

What happens if I jump? If I pull myself out?

Will I walk around aimlessly and let the world revolve around?

The sun is getting low. 

I've already taken the blows... But I am done with being shot at. 

I’ve got to escape from the guns range.

The sun is now gone...

But I stand strong, ready to make the change.

Thank you very much, From Natalia.