Georgia Mulholland - My promise to myself

Dear Warriors,

I think the Warrior Talk blog is an amazing idea. 

This is my contribution.

I hope you like it.


Georgia Mulholland. 

Dear younger me,


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry; that I never listened to you and hid my feelings.

I’m sorry that I mistreated you, starved you and left you with scars.

I’m sorry that I never gave you a chance to flourish and be yourself. 

But most importantly I’m sorry that I never learned to love you sooner to give you a chance to live a life without hospitals and torture.


This is my promise to you;

That I am going to fight and beat my illnesses. I’m going to make sure that I live my life to the fullest and do all the things that you wanted to do when we lied in bed at night talking about all our dreams. 

I will get there - each and every day I am fighting for you. To give you the life that you deserved.


Lots of love 

Your big sister