Georgia Farmer - My battle

Hey Warriors,

So, a bit of a back story on me…

My battle with my own brain over eating began when I was 15 years old. At the time I didn’t even understand the full implications of what I was doing. I fell into a downward spiral of obsessing over food, or rather a lack of and spent far too many years thinking the skinnier I became the happier I would be. Any warrior will tell you happiness will not come from a number on a scale or a dress size.

Eight years later and I am elated to say that my eating disorder is no longer a topic of conversation that needs to be avoided, nor is food to be avoided. Food is a necessity, but more than that, it is a source of enjoyment and socialisation, it most definitely should not be associated with self-hatred, shame or demonisation. Although it initially seems hard to break away from old habits that have become so normalised, it is much harder both mentally and physically to maintain such detrimental habits.

On the topic of shame, you should not feel ashamed of your eating disorder as it honestly does not define you, your past or, more importantly your future. What would be more shameful, or rather wasteful, would be to not live your life to the fullest. EAT UP all the food you want to eat. EAT UP all the opportunities to socialise with friends and family over food. EAT UP all the pleasure that comes with cooking a loving meal. EAT UP the enjoyment of having chocolate cake without shame but with pride. SPIT OUT all the negative thoughts that you have trained yourself to feel around food. SPIT OUT the obsession over unobtainable, false and photo shopped bodies on Instagram. Finally, SPIT OUT your eating disorder.

You, and I are worth so much more than an ED. One word of advice that will be helpful not just in choosing to kick your ED to the kerb, but kicking a negative mind set to the kerb would be to read. Our way of thinking has become altered negatively around food, but by the same token we can alter our thinking again but this time positively. Find light in books and train your brain to find light in your life.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – purchase now and begin to lead the fabulous life you deserve.

SPIT OUT all the negativity. EAT UP all the positivity. CHOOSE LIFE.


Georgia Farmer.

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