Emma R - A letter to my younger self

Hey Warriors, 

You are all amazing and we can’t forget it, we can do this.


A letter to my younger self


Dear little Emma, there are some things you need to do.

I want to protect you from what you are about to go through. 

Tell a doctor all your fears, 

All those things you have been doing for years and years.

You should not have to pray, 

200 times a day.

You did not cause someone to die,

That sickly feeling inside you is more than just being shy.

If no one listens then try again,

Write it all down for them with a big fat pen.

You don’t need to perfect or even be smart,

It is ok if you fail and don’t get the part. 

Just because someone says something it doesn’t mean they are right,

No one is waiting to kill you every single night. 

You are no less of a person than any of your friends,

You don’t always have to go to ridiculous lengths to make amends.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know how to sing,

There are so many other qualities that you bring.

If you lose your scholarship it is not the end,

I know this is so difficult to comprehend. 

Soon you will stop eating and want to fade away,

Initially it will help keep all the pain at bay.

But I promise you it is doing more harm than good,

It is hard when you feel so misunderstood. 

Anorexia will promise to always be there,

But for your wellbeing it really does not care.

Yes you may feel less alone,

Like you always have a mate you can phone. 

This is how it sucks you in,

Things will get easier for you if you are thin.

An absolute load of codswallup, it is lying to you,

Please keep eating even when you feel blue. 

You have not destroyed everything even if someone says so,

Any mistakes you make are purely a chance to grow.

Don’t doubt yourself you are worthy and strong, 

And no matter what anyone says in this world you belong!

Thank you,

Love Emma

Margherita Barbieri