Eleonora Gelmetti - My writing

Dear Warriors, 

My name is Eleonora, 

Here is my piece.

I belong to a generation whose only consolation is instant gratification.

Instagram’s likes, yes but how many pictures does it take to look perfectly fake?

For Christ’s sake would you leave me alone?

I need to throw up my dinner get to look skinnier and die while alive.



Instant gratification. 

Result of no-education.

Cultivating patience, cultivating passions.

Working hard, very hard to reach the top of the mountain, that we seem unable to see.

Inter-dis-connection seeking for perfection but ending up with disappoint, smoking a joint out of your lonely window.

Like a widow you lost your love, self-love.


There is no one to call in this moment of need thank God, I’ve got some weed

that is going to make me numb.


In-capable of stable connections… relationships.                                                                                                      

When it’s hurting, are you calling a person to talk or are you taking out scissor to cut?

In-capability of dealing with suffering… anxiety?


Insecurely self-confident leading a perfectly fine life, sugar-free, gluten-free, emotion-free-existence.

Persistent credence of your irrelevance if you don’t leave a trace.


- Eleonora.