Lucy Phillips - Dear body

Dear Warrior world,

Here is a piece that I wrote:


Dear my fragile body,

It is time to say I am sorry.

So here it is - my sincerest apology.

I let my evil little demon rip through your pale skin. I let her tear your veins to an unfamiliar structure of weakness and impurity. I let the blood in your veins drain to become a poisonous liquid. I lay you on your deathbed. I am so very sorry. I know that you may never want to be part of me ever again. I understand. I really do. But please consider giving me a second chance. I need this second chance to show you that I am eternally thank full for you. Thank you for holding on. Thank you for the hope you so carefully treasured. Thank you for waiting for me to give you food after days of nothing. I am sorry I shut you down into starvation mode and made you beat your tiny little heart at 200 beats per minute. I can’t imagine what it felt like for someone to rip you to pieces.

I’m sorry I didn’t give you any answers to when I was next going to feed you my precious body. I apologize for turning you blue with coldness and yellow with lack of substance. I can only apologize.

From this day on I will kiss you goodnight and tell you “don’t be scared, I have given you all you need to continue living”.

I will stand in front of the mirror and smile thanking you. I will dance till me hearts content because you gave me the legs to do so.  You have provided me with eyes that smile themselves and hair that falls upon my healthy shoulders.

I will hug you tight until I fall asleep. No more pressure sores for you my body. No more. No more hatred, only love. I will try my best to nourish you from my head all the way to my little toes. From within my flourished body to my scared skin. I Will let the tears that run down your tired cheeks be that of laughter rather than sadness. And if it sadness I will catch them as they fall.

I will look after you. Just give me some time.

But body please never give up on me. We have come to far to give up now.

I have put you through your paces and I am so sorry.

I hope we can be at peace now.

Hush my love everything will be just fine.

All my warmth and fondness,

Your delicate voice.


Written by~ Lucy Phillips

Thank you so much for everything this community does.


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