Daphne - Lyrics from Manic Street Preachers

Dear wonderful Warriors,

I love you all,

Kind regards,


Well, its time for an emotional piece of writing from myself. First, I want to raise awareness. Second, I want to let people know that when suffering, we should seek for help, care, affection. Suffering is normal, we all experience it at various stage of our lives; some certainly more than others. But it exists, and we can't & shouldn't deny its existence. But, there is another form of suffering, a terrific kind of suffering, a self-induced suffering that comes in various forms & sizes, a suffering that equals abuse. My suffering took the form of an eating disorder, specifically, that of anorexia. A disorder that dictates me that I am not good enough that I am not worthy of anything enjoyable, and consequently, food. And, it has been very distractive, very reassuring at times, but utterly destroying and self-abusive. And I know many many people that have experienced it, and they will understand these lyrics. 


“I eat too much to die

And not enough to stay alive

I'm sitting in the middle waiting

Such beautiful dignity in self-abuse


I choose my choice, I starve to frenzy

Hunger soon passes and sickness soon tires

Legs bend, stockinged I am Twiggy

And I don't mind the horror that surrounds me''. 



[Lyrics from Manic Street Preachers ]


Recovery is a long journey, very painful, challenging but extremely rewarding! And the reward? Life, the most precious gift one can have and one can offer to oneself. Just, next time before criticising an addicted person - be it an alcoholic, drug addict, ED patient - remind yourself that every person is suffering just in different ways. Some people suffer quietly, whereas some other people "flight" - using an addiction as a coping mechanism to deal with the pain brought by the suffering. So instead of criticising, be affectionate, show your understanding, embrace the other person in his/her journey and maybe you will contribute & help them in their battle for Life! So go for life! Everyday, every second, every moment cause its worth it! It's hard and there are thoughts that maybe will never go away, but believe that you have the power to mute them, with every action of yours! Just keep going! For you, for your beloved ones, for the sun, the sea, the animals that surround you, for everything that you will lose if you abstain from it.