Courtney Matthews - My poem

Dear Warrior Talk,

This is a poem I’ve written and I hope those reading this in Warrior Talk love it. I want to thank Margherita so much for being such an inspiration and helping me through this hard time! I hope to be as beautiful, strong and as empowering as her one day. 


Okay here it is: 

You told me I could trust you

You’d take all my pain away

You told me you would help me

To look a certain way


You took me down a long dark path

That seemed to have no end

You told me I should trust no one 

For you were my only friend 


You said you knew what’s best for me 

Reassured me you’d never leave 

You convinced me only you knew how

To get the figure I want to achieve


You told me not to eat my food

As it will make me fat

You told me I need to exercise

To make my stomach flat


And yes I listened to your words 

For I wanted to be lean

But I also did what you asked 

To keep you from being mean


You shouted louder when I ignored

And took me to the scale

The number was never good enough 

You told me I would fail


So I continued to follow all you said 

But I was blinded by your lies

You kept telling me how big I was

My arms, my stomach and thighs


But the smaller I got; never satisfied you

You told me to carry on

I continued to obey your every command 

And with it my happiness had gone


I could no longer do the things I loved

For my body was too frail

I found it difficult to walk and breathe

My body began to fail


The constant feeling of coldness

Made it unbearable to smile

A little walk around the school

Felt more like the longest mile


But there you were; not leaving my side

Telling me I wasn’t ill 

You told me your aim was to help me 

When in reality your aim was to kill


You promised you’d never leave me

We’d be together like husband and wife

But you left me stranded in hospital

Fighting for my life 


You told me I could trust you

You’d take all my pain away

But watch out anorexia 

For I will be free from you one day! 

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