Avin Sadun - Hymns of the healing

Dear courageous Warriors,

I hope this can keep you company whenever you need it, wherever you are, whoever you are. 

Love always, Avin.

So here it is, it's called "Hymns of the healing”:

I know all about the dark,

The thorns across your body, left like a hallmark

The stories no one sees

Rearing storms, the cold waterfalls, how it all feels

The monsters under your bed and the demons in your head


Let me tell you a story

A story about how the day turned into the darkest of nights

How the leaves fell off the trees, crumbled down and fog filled the sights

A story of how only the howling wolves and the moon knew her name

and for every day that passed, she felt she would never be the same

She let her pen and paper explain

but mostly the paper would remain cold, white and plain

accurately describing her hurricane


Until one day she woke up

And the leaves, once thin, brittle and frail

Had left her a trail

The tar that was mind-clogging, black and cold

Now ran through her veins like liquid gold

Her health she went out to reclaim

And soon enough even the sun whispered her name


Sometimes it takes all the wrongs in the universe

And everything to be adverse

All the lights to shut down on you

So you feel like you can’t get through


For the realisation that

even northern lights dance through the bitter dark

together, they lift each other up and ignite a spark

dandelions grow through blackness

and even art needs madness


You, my love, reading this

You are pure magic and you are braveness itself

Your eyes might feel very heavy right now

and maybe your body feels drained

But I know you can save yourself

From all the pain that has kept you chained