Annabelle Hamilton - My poem: Reflecting

Dear Warrior talk, my name is Annabelle and this is my poem.

I hope you all like it. 

I’m sending all you warriors all the love and positivity in the world.

Love from Annabelle. 

My stomach is growing

So are my thighs,

But what about my hair,

And my smile, and my mind?


Once a girl with sunken eyes

Hollow, cold and bruised,

Now beaming with a healthy heart,

Stronger and renewed.


There may be wounds yet to heal,

And scars that will remain,

But I’m learning to live my life,

And thrive with every day.


I will not look back in ten years’ time

Wishing I’d stayed ill,

Instead I’ll be adventuring

For new ambitions to fulfil.


So maybe I am not as small

As I once was before,

But I’d rather possess a healthy body

Than be dying anymore.