Ally Guppy - Skin

Hi Warriors,


I'm Ally, or Ally the Earthling, and I recently discovered Margi’s Warrior Talk which I think is such a brilliant and caring idea! I absolutely love that I have the chance to bring my poem to it. 




forget about the number

on the label of your clothes

and the ordinary way of measuring

from your head to your toes

i think it's plain and boring

to view nothing but one part

in a whole universe of humans

of solar systems

of art


you are a piece of a network

in which there is no race

no need to rush or compete with others

so take life at your own pace

love your body as you do the sky

filled with stars at night

see how it uses space and gravity

not a pair of jeans

to hold it tight


now learn to love how your skin

is only three millimetres thin

yet that does not stop it from protecting

the solar system held within

because your body is incredible

and worth so much more than a size

it devotes itself to loving you

to keep you breathing

and alive


- ally guppy, @allytheearthling



All the best,

Ally x

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