Alexandra - My poem: I am done

Hello Warriors, my name is Alexandra and I have written a poem about anorexia. I am 15 years old and I am currently in recovery. I have suffered from anorexia for about 2 years now and I have had enough of it ruling my life. 

Here is my poem to prove it.

Thank you and to everyone in Warrior talk… lets do this! Lets break free!

I am done.

Done with the fragile frame in the mirror

Done with need and desperation to be thinner.

I want the pain to go away,

Each night I dream and pray for that day.

However something has me in its claws

I am slowly drowning in its jaws.

It's a dark voice inside my head

That fills me with fear and dread.


It tells me to stop and think

When I reach for food or drink.

It says, “Will that really give you perfection?”

And thats when I fall into its trap and deception.


I didn't realise the effect it had,

Until it drove me insane and mad.

To the point where my bones could be seen

And I lived off of gum and caffeine 


My friends told me of their concern

However I still didn't listen or learn.

My laughter was a distant memory

And I no longer had any life or energy.


My parents would hold me and cry,

And I would just stare and think why.

My dad held his hand around my small wrist,

And warmed my delicate hands in his fist.


The stares and whispers grew,

And I held my head down like I didn't have a clue.

Didn't have a clue that my legs shook,

A simple push or nudge was all it took.


Until one day I looked at myself

And saw the true reality of my health.

I saw the bags under my eyes

And the gap between my thighs.

I saw the pain inside,

The emotions Ana thought had died.

I saw the old me screaming to break free and show herself again,

So as I fell to the ground in a flood of tears, I broke free from the chain.