Bobbi-Michelle Hunter - Self Love & Self Saving Thoughts

Hey Warriors! You little rays of sunshine! 

I wrote this piece on self-love, reflecting on my recovery from Anorexia, sculpted through struggles with a surplus of self-care.
This is a piece very close to my heart, and I hope it resonates with you all- there's one radical realisation I've had. There's no shame in a struggle only strength.

S E L F  L O V E  T H O U G H T S.

Self-love is difficult when you've spent so long at war with yourself. It sits on the tip of your tongue. A foreign language in which every syllable feels strange and unnatural. Each word formed takes painful practice and trusting that the bitter days of broken speech, stuttering and falling over your words, will, one day manifest themselves not only in your speech but also in your soul. This isn't you falling. This is you rising.

S E L F  S A V I N G  T H O U G H T S.

They can love you but they can't save you. They can't stitch together the worn and threadbare edges of your soul, only hold you tightly whilst you weave that tiny thread of light and hope amidst your darkness. Pulling the edges of your wound together, that'll take time and care to heal. They can love you, but they can't save you. When your wounds manifest themselves in puffy eyes, raw throats and raw emotions and the self-deprecating voices scream you'll never be good enough. Only promise you that one day it'll hurt less and then not at all. They can love you, but they can't save you. Only you can learn to save yourself.

-bm.h  (Bobbi-Michelle Hunter)
Best wishes,