Serena D - My Poem: Eli

Hi Warriors,

I am not an anorexia warrior myself but I wrote the following poem for my roommate who is constantly dieting and I am afraid she has an eating disorder. Seeing her breaks my heart. I hope she joins you all and becomes a warrior herself. 

Thank you,


What's your excuse today,

To hate yourself again,

To refuse to see your truth,

The beauty that belongs to you.


Push everyone up

By pulling yourself down,

You live for them before.


You taste like sugar and,

Sound like a water stream,

You are sweet and refreshing.


Don't grow old bitter, dry,

And don't let life be sucked out of you,

Before enjoying it all don’t die.


Life is a feast,

Don't starve yourself and,

Let people's hunger devour you,


You are enough,

You have enough,

You are worthy of people’s love and,

You are deserving of your own.