Lucy Clarke - The Voice of Anorexia

Dear Warriors, 

This is my poem I wrote to try to explain the unbearable and all-powerful voice many of us hear in our heads from our anorexia. 

Anorexia is life-threatening, we have to get better. 

From Lucy

The Voice of Anorexia

Look in the mirror, just take a peek, 

You’ve lost all control, you’re pathetic, you’re weak, 

Your simple task is to follow my rules, 

Don’t worry or panic, I’ll give you the tools 

The people around you will put up a fight, 

Don’t listen to them, you know that I’m right

You might lose your hair, feel tired, alone,

Most of the time you’ll be chilled to the bone

Sociable outings will come to an end 

But that doesn’t matter, I’m your only true friend

It’ll all be worth it when you reach your goal,

You’ll be strong again, back in control 

Just do as I say, you’ll win first prize, 

In this little game, it’s your life’s demise.