Tarja Criss - See The Light

Hello Everyone,

I'm Tarja and I hope to inspire by speaking out. Below is something I have written in hopes to help. 

See The Light

I know how important it is - to be supported in your darkest days. I know how important it is - to know someone with the same problem. Here's my honest story:

I've been fighting against anxiety for the past year. Anxiety broke down all of my plans. And when I think that I start winning over it - it comes back, again and again.

Shitty thing.

Many other health and mental diseases followed it. Last time it took me 2 weeks to start moving (physically), start eating, going out of my room, or, in one word, living. Again, just as if I were a newborn.

What I was doing this year (and I still am) is learning to cope with it. Even to live with it. I wouldn't work it out without knowing people with the same problems - and without knowing that they could overcome their fears (diseases, etc.) It is possible to get over any trouble, any trial, if you really want it.

That's what I've learnt this year - don't be silent about your mental state. That's what I heard one day, 'saying your fears out loud helps, you realize that the thing you feared is actually less scary than you originally thought.' And, what's even more important, 'Do more of what makes you sparkle'. Happiness may ease anxiety, even kill it, or at least to shut it up for some time.

My anxiety led me to anorexia. I started losing weight extremely fast. I knew I would overcome it. However, my hope was disappearing day by day. I wouldn't have gotten out of that lost-hope state without my family and friends, who were next to me 24/7, helping to stand up and fight.

Finally, one day I woke up feeling okay. That was nothing but rebirth.

In the end, I want to tell you, even to shout it out loud - Don't Be Afraid To Speak Out. I could overcome anorexia, I'm trying to overcome anxiety. I'm sure I can do it, and I believe you can do it too.

But don't stay silent about it. 

Warmest wishes,

Tarja Criss.

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