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From passion to pain.

At a young age, I had found purpose in ballet. I felt like an accomplished artist who inspired many with peak control of my physicality. But my competitiveness, came at a price.


I had to be thin.

I had to be thin.

I had to be thin.


Until one day - I had no choice...


When devotion met deception.

My devotion to fulfil the extreme demands of my craft pushed me to the limits of what a human body could take - I found myself in a downward spiral - striving to achieve perfection, no matter how painful it was starting to become.

All and any progress I had made would be disguised by a false sense of failure and resentment had started to take over - my burning desire to be the best I could be had misguided my perception of reality. Every time I saw myself in the mirror, the hatred for myself grew and festered, withering away at my body.

Then one morning, I woke up to find that I only weighed a mere 4 stone.

I felt sick, but – perhaps worse – I felt like I deserved to feel this way. It was this moment on August the 16th, 2012 that I realised that Anorexia had set in - and it was coming for my life...


The fight began.

With the support of my family and a broken NHS, I started a torrentus two-year recovery regime that only led to disappointment, pain and heartache. Struck with the reality that my options are quickly running out, I turned to private therapy.

With help from a handful of therapists who had spent months trying to reach me, I was finally able to make the split from my anorexic personality.


What should have been a celebration full of euphoria was quickly replaced by the stark reality of who I had become: a weak, drained and emotionless individual. But I was determined to use all the sustenance that I could gain into rebuilding my health.

And I did...


Through darkness came light.

Finally, my faith was restored and my purpose had taken a new form – as I realise that I am just one of many that need help in overcoming serious eating disorders.

I’d like to share my story, not for sympathy or fame, but for my fellow warriors to see themselves in my journey. For them to realise that they’re not alone and for them to see that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel.

My experiences helped me find purpose. Let me help you find yours.