The perks of being unproductive 

Today I woke up and thought to myself... right Margherita let’s put our productivity cap on! I stared at my mammoth list of ‘things to do’ and my mountain of bright yellow post it notes and realised - all week I have been tackling myself trying to be/feel productive and that today it was time for a morning of rest.

It was time to be... UNPRODUCTIVE.

Yes, that's right. Not a spelling mistake. I really and truly mean being purposefully unproductive.

Allow me to explain (before you think I’m going crazy):

Sometimes the organ that needs the most care and restoration is the brain. If you are a very driven person, or a person who has no patience for an unproductive day, then what you really might need... Is just that - an unproductive day. No to-do list, no phone, no buzzing emails, no computer, no work, no appointments or time schedules… simply just a time for nothingness, full of freedom. A total rest for your brain! Now, how nice does that sound?

If you’re not yet nodding you head, it’s probably because you feel you are, ‘simply too busy for that’ then let me give you this example:

If you were weight training to build muscle, every single expert would agree that it is crucial to give your body a day off from training so that your muscles can repair, rebuild and so that you can come back stronger for the next session. So what's the difference with brain training? Nothing! All you have to do is completely, totally and fully take your brain away from whatever it is you are usually training it to do and simply stop being productive once in a while... Otherwise your brain won't be able to ‘lift the weight’ (cope with your stress/pressure of life) and it will become too heavy (too much). I hope you get the metaphor, its like burning out, but aimed at brain and not body.

All you have to do to better it, is something unproductive. Go for an easy walk or stroll, sit on the grass watching clouds, or people-watch in a nearby cafe… just every now and again, consciously switch your brain from ‘must do mode’ to ‘just be mode’ you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

Margherita Barbieri