Stop Labelling and Start Living 

Because of the labeling of food many of us are falling victim to the confusion of ‘healthy eating’. What even is healthy eating? We see and hear so many opposing articles every day that I’m really not surprised that the majority of us struggle to know what to eat and what not to eat to benefit our health more.

One morning the headlines will read that, “Chocolate helps you lose weight and is filled with an abundance of health-enhancing antioxidants!” Yet the following day you open the newspaper to read in bold lettering, “Chocolate is a villain, filled with weight gaining sugars.” Confused? These conflicting headlines leave us never knowing which truth to believe, what’s ‘good or bad’... and even you-yourself begin labeling foods... the cycle continues until one day you are living with a diet ruled by the newest headline or your own newest friend or foe labeling.

The truth is that no single-food will cause fat-loss and no single-food will cause fat gain. Weight loss and weight gain come down to a very simple equation of energy in vs energy out. But I am a very passionate believer in nutrients over numbers. In my anorexia, I used to count calories to the gram, but now nutrients are ALWAYS over calories and I now use my intuitive eating as my guide rather than my mathematical skills.


•We need to stop labeling and simply start listening to our own bodies.

•We need to value nutrients over numbers.

•We need to learn to follow our intuitive eating, hunger signals and cravings as they are often unconsciously telling us something.

•We need to break the habit of following the calculator or clock for ‘food time’ and just listen to our own body clock and hunger calls instead.

•We need to eat what’s right for our individual & unique bodies, selves and lifestyles.

•We need to listen to the land around us, the seasons and the produce the season brings.

Let’s do it and let’s do it now: together.

Photography by: Ansa Gohar

Photography by: Ansa Gohar