Recovery reason: 97535258458967 = beloved vegan ice cream

There was once a time in my life when I was convinced, ‘I’ll never be allowed to eat ice cream again’. This was a dark, dark, ice cream-less time for me. And while there is some humour involved in this blog, my life honestly used to be a nightmare. Looking back, 90% of the food I was surrounded by in my day to day life I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to eat. And you wonder why I recovered?

Boy oh boy... My life is (now) awesome. And it’s awesome because I’m no longer told what I can and can’t eat. I am no longer dictated by my anorexia. I no longer stand for being bullied into certain food choices. I listen to my body and I listen to my soul. I never deprive myself of the foods I love, so in short this means I can finally enjoy eating ice cream and the all other delicious vegan things in the world.

Perfect World Ice Cream is my favourite ice cream in the universe. It’s 100% vegan and 1 million% delicious. It comes in 6 different flavours, all of which I love. Each different flavour just melts in your mouth, but I warn you they are so moorish... I can finish a tub in seconds (trust me). There’s:

•Raspberry ripple 


•Double Chocolate Chip

•Mint Chocolate Chip

•Caramel Pecan

•Sweet Espresso

My favourite flavours are, Pistachio and Sweet Espresso and my ultimate number 1 favourite is Mint Chocolate Chip (seriously eating this one is like a white-flag ‘I surrender’ moment).

Perfect World Ice Cream isn’t only amazing because of the obvious fact that it’s ice cream, as it also contains a long list of real health and nutritional benefits. On the Perfect World Ice Cream website:

If you click on the ice cream flavours one at a time you can see exactly what’s in each different flavour, including an abundance of 12 vitamins. They are all also rich in dietary fibre, low in sugars and marvellously vegan! Being a passionate vegan finding a good ice cream brand that was vegan as well as unbelievably, hit the floor, mouthwatering, I found heaven tasty was a big must on my list. Ice cream is always a priority!

@Perfectworldicecream is (ready for the pun) perfect for vegan diets, those on low sugar diets and those wanting to smash their fear foods and introduce back ice cream diets. Having suffered from anorexia for 5 years I know exactly how it feels to be afraid and scared of food - especially foods that have been given a stereotypically bad name from the media, like ice cream. So those of you who are wanting to cross ice cream off your fear foods, then I really recommend this brand - it’s the ice cream brand I eat and love almost every day.

You can buy Perfect World Ice Cream from many of your local retailers, (most large Tesco stores) and there’s a link here to find your closest store that stocks them:

Just type in your postcode and it’ll find your perfect shop to find Perfect World Ice Cream where hopefully you’ll discover your favourite flavour (trust me it’s harder than it sounds). Or you can also buy them online on Ocado, which is so easy for all you online shoppers:

Over and out, ice cream is calling my name.



Photography by: Margherita Barbieri

Photography by: Margherita Barbieri

Margherita Barbieri