Instagram and social media is bombarded with edited, enhanced and filter full-on posts. After scrolling down my feed one morning last week, I counted 18/23 of my latest posts to look either ‘obviously edited or with an obvious filter’... I was shocked and disappointed in myself. I pride myself on promoting a ‘genuine’, ‘real’ and ‘raw’ platform, so I felt incredibly annoyed that I had clumsily fallen into the social media trap of ‘editing’ my photos I posted.

I wanted to do something about this... immediately. I wanted to encourage myself to post more natural photos and non-edited photos as a way of appearing more ‘real’ to my audience. I also wanted to boost my confidence and reassure myself that my posts don’t need a filter in order to be ‘accepted’.

I set to work... 

Last week I uploaded filter-free posts for 7 days, including a number of photos and videos. I spoke about make up in my captions and I encouraged others to join me in posting some filter-free posts. And now, to end and honour my week of filter free posts I have created and just upload a 3 minute video to my YouTube channel.

In it I simply just strip bare. No filter, no make up and no clothes... ha ha! (it’s not what you think, I promise).

It’s time for us to feel confident, comfortable and proud in our natural skin and in our filter-free social media posts.

Margherita Barbieri