My Summer Body and my Winter Body 

Guess what guys…

My summer body and my winter body are the SAME BODY.

Just because in the summer you may be in a bikini and in the winter you’ll be in a jumper, coat, scarf, hat and duvet cover does not mean that you need to change or adapt your body. Simply because you show more skin in the summertime does mean that the media can begin marketing all their ‘get ready for summer’ detox this and get slimmer that, get in shape fast and summer diet blast.

You do not need to do ANYTHING to ‘better your body’ for summer. Summer means sunshine NOT shape or size. Your body is ready for a bikini all year long, because your body is beautiful each and every day.

Don’t be fooled or tugged by the summer adverts. You should know their games enough by now. 

Here are some of my self love tips that I use myself, so that I always stop my mind from being dragged into “the perfect summer body” marketing. 

1) Own your power!

Adopt the mindset that right now, at this very moment, you are full of healing potential. Some days we struggle and stumble, some days feel harder than others, sometimes we feel like we want to hide away and hibernate until we feel strong again. When these moments or days arrive for you, remember your body's inherent strength and healing capacity. Remember what you are capable of, the power you withhold and the strength you have inside. Instead of feeling frustrated or disheartened at your day or feelings remember your own power.

2) Start daydreaming! 

What's a better gift to yourself than time? Time to relax, lye back and day dream? This for me is the ultimate pamper session. Giving myself the opportunity to just relax freely, nothing to tick of my list, no tasks to be done, my only aim is to daydream. Make sure you allow yourself time to relax, take a break and be still. Stress and panic will only encourage you to look towards media marketing as an answer. 

Photography by: Miro Arva

Photography by: Miro Arva