*VIDEO ALERT* My First YouTube Upload - 50 Facts About Me

Hey everyone! 

So yes, I have finally joined the YouTube sensation. I suppose ever since my social media platform began growing creating my own YouTube channel has always been an idea bubbling at the back of my mind. 

I have always been drawn to YouTube, not only to use for myself as a platform but also as a consumer. I love watching YouTube videos, especially of the people I follow on Instagram. Much like the characters in books, you begin to think of your favourite influences as friends. 

The main reason I wanted to create my own YouTube channel was to let my audience dive a little bit deeper into me as a person. Vlogging is very raw and real and the style lets people see the unpolished parts of your character which make you human. On Instagram everything can be edited and everyone can appear perfect but the natural style of vlogging means that their is an opportunity to see the ‘free from filter’ you.

I chose my first video to be ‘50 facts about me’ because I thought 'what better way to get to know me' than if I shared some (often very random) facts about myself and my life. It’s kind of like breaking the ice - hopefully after this video you will know me better and then the real vlogging can begin! 

But for now, please sit back, press play and enjoy learning 50 things about Margi!

My first ever YouTube video: 50 facts about me!

Margherita Barbieri