I used to hate self love

When people used to tell me about ‘self love’, I would roll my eyes and cough bullshit under my breathe...

I did this because I was unhappy and I didn’t believe that something with just two syllables could help me recover, restore my weight, my relationships and take back my life.

I stopped myself from trusting these people that told me about self love, I just envied them instead...

But now I’m one of those people - I am a passionate self loving badass that shouts from the rooftops about the magic within self love. I am the woman that my younger self was envied, once rolled her eyes at and didn’t trust. When I learnt to let go, forgive myself, be kind to myself and trust in self love, I learnt to nourish my body, fuel my body, repair my body and re-own my body.

Maybe I didn’t jump on the self love train straight away, because to me after suffering for years with anorexia and being given and told about a different treatment day after day, that I just thought self love was another ‘craze’ and another treatment that would fail. Or maybe I didn’t jump on straight away, because my anorexia was afraid it was going to help cure me and I suppose my illness had a right to be afraid... because it definitely helped heal me unlike any treatment I had experienced before.

Self love is magic. Stopping rolling your eyes and see for yourself.

Here are my top 3 self love practices for you to practice too:

1) Daydreaming 

What's a better gift to yourself than time? Time to relax, lye back and day dream? This for me is the ultimate pamper and self love session. Giving myself the opportunity to just relax freely, nothing to tick of my list, no tasks to be done... my only aim is to daydream. Make sure you allow yourself time to relax, take a break and be still. 

2) Exploring Nature 

Often my self love practices intertwine with nature or the gifts of life. Like the practice above focusing on the gift of time, this practice focuses on the gift of Mother Nature. You can chose to sit with your toes in the grass, or your hands in soil, you can sit in the sun, dance in the rain or hug the trees. But whatever you choose to do, do it with gratitude, because feeling grateful is the most wonderful and warming way to connect to your self love. 

3) Bath time 

Too many of us fall into the trap of discarding our bodies and minds needs. I used to say to my friends, ‘oh I really fancy a bath’ or ‘I could really do with a bath right now’... but then I would never give myself the freedom to do. I would feel I didn’t deserve one, or didn’t have the time. So if you are relating to this, then let me ask you a question: 

If your friend/partner/family member walks in, chucks down their bags, huffs and says “Oh I’ve had such a rubbish/stressful/emotional day”,  I’m pretty sure you would respond with either,

A) why don’t you tell me about it 

B) let me make you something to eat

C) let me run the bath 

D) all 3

So... why is it any different for yourself! Start to care and treat yourself in the same way you would treat your loved ones and run that blooming bath when you fancy one!

Photography by: Miro Arva

Photography by: Miro Arva

Margherita Barbieri