How I mentally dealt with getting mugged

How I mentally dealt with getting mugged:

Step 1) cry

Step 2) cry

Step 3) cry some more

Step 4) got angry

Step 5) put it in perspective


So as many of you are probably aware (from my emotional Instagram stories and posts) a few weeks ago in central London at 3pm (in broad blooming daylight) I was mugged £145. Now at first, being robbed £145 felt like the end of the world and my body was mixed with so many different emotions that I crumbled in tears for 3 solid hours after it had happened. I felt toxic, shaken and rotten.


...As a whole picture the money I was stolen was only a small part of what mattered, but it took me a while to realise this because I was built up with so much upset, anger and stress for the ‘worth’ of what I had lost and the work I had put into earning that money. It wasn't until I sat down, took a deep breath and really thought about what had happened that I finally saw the bigger picture.


The ‘worth’ of money Vs the ‘worth’ of my health are incomparable. You can’t put a price on your health. And while I’m by no means ‘grateful’ to of been mugged, I am grateful that I am unharmed. So many muggings start at knifepoint and can end in the worst - I was lucky for only a grab and run.


So what happened when step 5 kicked in?


Why hello there perspective: In life what is £145? Okay so, it’s my time, my income, my energy and my rent money but that’s it. And yes, it frustrates me to think that there are people around us in our everyday lives capable of such monstrous, inhuman actions, but the amount of beautiful messages I received shows me how many kind people outnumber them.


I’m safe, and that’s what matters. That’s all that matters. Money comes and goes but I’m here once. 


My tip to you about: 

Q: What to do when something bad happens… 

A: Call in the perspective police!


The traffic won't move, the rain has ruined your make up, you pressed the delete button by mistake, you burnt the toast, you smashed your favourite piece of china. All these are daily irritants but the key when the frustrations and upset come, is to call in the perspective police. You may have just had a fight with your brother, but you are not living in a war zone, and your best friend may have forgotten your birthday, but your house has not just been burned down. You may have discovered a new grey hair, wrinkle on your forehead or roll of fat on your stomach, but you have all your arms and legs. And for me... You may have been mugged, but your heart is still beating.


The perspective police will break down the door with a battering ram and remind you of your blessings. This doesn't mean don't be sad about anything, yes get angry, get sad, get frustrated! But just remember not to take your emotions to the extreme if it's not worth it... this helped me a lot with my experiences throughout my life as the perspective police taught me to communicate calmly rather than lash out aggressively. I often still felt the same feelings, it's just I dealt with them in a different way. 

Photography by: Miro Arva

Photography by: Miro Arva

Margherita Barbieri