How A Pair Of Positivity Boots Can Help Your Recovery

Hey fellow warriors,

It can be so easy to get caught up in the negativity from certain aspects in your life. From paying bills, to personal thoughts, toxic friendships, a bad body-image, to school or work-related stress. Let’s face it, having a build up of negativity is only going to be detrimental to both our health and happiness. It can lead to a downward spiral and we can often find ourselves hiding away in dark pits which we usually have dug ourselves. Negativity grows worse and worse with time, and those negative sparks that once flickered on and off are now a blazing fire; like a cigarette burning holes into your soul. 

Here, I have patched together a few ways in which you can remove negativity from your life, and from my past experiences, they’ve worked for me!


You heard me, it's time to be brutal. It may feel difficult to remove people from your life that you’ve perhaps grown up around. However subconsciously, someone who is in your immediate circle may be having a profound effect on your happiness without you even knowing it. When people feel bad about themselves they occasionally have a tendency to put other people down without knowing it, which is in no way good for your overall happiness if you happen to be getting the brunt of it. I suppose this can sound selfish, but distancing yourself from a toxic relationship can be crucial to detoxify all of the negativity that is present within your life. Obviously, I am in no way suggesting that you push or kick someone out of your life or purposely ignore them - but in order to remove negativity from your life - reflecting on the relationships in your life can be very beneficial, and will most definitely rid you of unnecessary negativity. 


In life, it can be easy to dwell on things that aren't going too well, the times you didn't excel, moments that didn't meet your expectations and generally life itself that is always lined up with difficult obstacles. However, dwelling is not going to stand you in good stead for removing any negativity from your life. Sometimes, taking a moment each day to focus on the positive parts of your life, (whether it be having a wonderful family, loving your job, being blessed with great friends, or even the sun shining outside) can be just the cure to save your day. And not only acknowledging these brilliant things around you but also appreciating them will do wonders for removing negativity from your life and you'll soon find yourself stuck in positivity seeking steel-toe boots. You see, if we always go out seeking positivity then we will find it. Like the saying goes, "There is always something to be grateful for." But sometimes if we don't make an effort to find those positive things, then negativity can come lurking for us without us even knowing. The lesson is: Make an effort to be positive and soon you'll be stuck with it! 


It’s sometimes easy to fall into the trap of doing 'what everyone else is doing' (even if we don't like what they are doing), and we subsequently forget to enjoy doing more of what we love. Let’s face it, what’s the point in doing things all the time that we don’t actually enjoy? We spend far too long focusing our energies on parts of our lives which we just 'do', that we forget to embrace the things we love to do. Yes, we need to 'do' the washing, the hovering and cleaning up, but we also need to do what we love doing... or we can't stay sane! 

If art takes your fancy or you’ve always loved gardening, why not do them more often? When we take away the complicated side of adult life, it can actually be rather simple, but as soon as adult life arrives so many people forget that adults have a right just as much as children to do the things we love. As long as we’re doing the fundamental things in our lives, then using the rest of our time to do things we enjoy should be a priority! Enjoying life and spending time doing the things you love is most definitely essential for releasing any negativity you have bottled away. 


It’s surprising how just a simple shift in mindset can improve your positivity so dramatically. It can work like magic, and can almost have a placebo effect. You are not actually having any mood enchanting medication but it certainly feels like you are! A swift light switch shift in the way you view a situation can be really valuable when wanting to remove negativity from your life. Instead of thinking for example; that a dance audition didn’t go very well because you weren't on balance and nothing went like you planned, try to shift that thought slightly and allow yourself to accept and embrace that at the time of the audition you did your absolute best and couldn’t have done anymore. Life is all about the continual process of learning and you can't be on balance all the time - otherwise, that's not balanced! 

Changing your mindset to think this way will leave you feeling much better about the situation and whatever the outcome is - it will undoubtedly draw the negativity away from it. Ready, set, mind, switch! 

Learning is an achievement in its own right and no outcome can devalue the achievement of learning. 

Removing negativity from your life can be easier than you think, a few simple mind switch changes, reflecting on your relationships and having more fun is all you need! You can transform your entire view upon life by simply slipping on your positivity seeking-shoes. So without further ado, here’s to removing negativity and having an all-round awesome outlook on life! You can find your steal-toe positivity seeking boots at your nearest gratitude store, online purchases available at the switch of a mindset. 


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