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Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet and with all my meals I actively make sure I include a protein-rich vegan ingredient. Our bodies, particularly if active, need quite a lot of fuel to function to our optimal and even on laptop/desk days we still need a large amount of energy!

Protein is a great food group to be transformed into both a performance enhancer and also to the repair and restore muscles. I get most of my protein from tofu, vegan Quorn products, humous, nuts, seeds, beans & pulses, legumes, oats, rice and other grains and seeded bread. I am a massive fan of vegan protein powders and I love the brand @freesoulsistas for helping me take care of my vegan protein powder needs! 

Protein powders are essential in my (usually) busy lifestyle. I am also (obviously) a big fan of time savers (like we all are) so it is really helps being able to add a vegan powdered form of protein into a smoothie or shake, for something to help my recovery after one of my intense dance classes, or to take with me on the go or as a muscle enhancing snack between my main meals. (P.s I love taking protein shakes to work and on tube journeys - it’s the best!)

Powders are a useful form for plant-based protein as they can easily be added to foods such as soups, homemade granola, bakes, bread and also drinks, and smoothie bowls. I use plant-based protein powder on a fairly regular basis for the protein boost and the ease at which I can incorporate it into my diet and daily lifestyle. I can quickly add a scoop into a smoothie or to a creamy bowl of porridge, I even find that these powders add a tremendous amount of flavour too! (So a win-win!)

Here are my best ways to use protein powder!

I believe that the best way to use protein powder is to mix it with other foods! There’s so many ways you can do this, and there’s so many ingredients to use! Protein powder is so versatile and not to mention both tasty and great for our body.

Protein smoothies: A smoothie is one of the easiest ways to get extra protein into your diet. 2 tablespoonfuls (30g) of Free Soul vegan protein powder added into your smoothie pumps up your protein and helps to heal your cells, body and muscles.

Protein oats: Oats are full of fibre and energy but they naturally contain only a small amount of protein. Add in 2 tablespoonfuls (30g) of Free Soul protein powder and boom, your bowl of oats has had itself a protein boost!

Protein balls: Energy balls are fantastic for snacking, and you can take them almost anywhere. They are incredibly easy to whip up at home and you can eat them there and then, take on the go or store in a tupperware container for when you need them. All you need is a dried fruit and nut base, along with a serving or two of Free Soul vegan protein powder and a food processor to bind it all together.

Protein bakes: I bake a loaf of banana bread literally every week, and most weeks it’s different. I like to experiment with new flavour combinations whilst keeping the classic banana bang. Some (rare) weeks it fails and tastes awful but most of the time I get it spot on.... especially when I add Free Soul vegan protein powders to it. To a loafs ingredients of banana bread I will add 3-4 tablespoonfuls of Free Soul vegan protein powder (I find their berry flavour goes best with baking).

I really hope this helps all of you crazy protein nutters out there to start using protein powders, they are fantastically convenient and a life saver for those days when we need to act like duracell bunnies.

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Photography By: Margherita Barbieri

Photography By: Margherita Barbieri

Margherita Barbieri