Breast Cancer Awareness

As the season of Autumn transforms into the change of Winter it is a great time to reflect on your health, including your breasts. In Winter we have to wrap ourselves up warm often with layers upon layers of clothing pulled over our chests. This is a necessity here in the UK as it’s quite rare for us to get a ‘mild’ Winter. 


However this means that with all the wrapping up, cosying up and layering up we often don’t have a long amount of time in bare skin or thin clothing to chest our breasts. Personally in the summertime I find it quite easy in the warmth to strut around the house in minimal clothing and sleeping naked was sometimes a must as it can become so stuffy and hot in the evenings. This meant that I was probably more aware of my body and my breast health. In Summer it is easier to notice if I get new body freckles or when it is time to ‘shave my legs’. Now, in wintertime I guess the only time I am bare skinned is in the shower, which perhaps means that I am less aware of my body and breast health as they spend much time covered up in a million different layers. And who else just doesn’t bother shaving their legs in Winter? 


So ladies, this Winter... please, please check your breasts. The earlier you notice abnormalities, the more successful treatment can be. If you don’t know how to check them, there are guides on the NHS website.

Photography by: Miro Arva

Photography by: Miro Arva

Margherita Barbieri