A couple of questions about what keeps me healthy

Sunshine is just around the corner, which means more light and more time in the day!  Here are some questions with my personal answers to let you find out what fuels my inner sunshine and motivation to stay healthy, happy and playful. 


1) What motivates you to lead a healthy life?   


My motivation to lead a healthy life, I believe comes a lot from my passions and also my past. I have encountered many battles in my previous years, in which I had to fight daily to restore both my physical and mental health. After finally achieving these two things I know that I never want to slip backwards into the destructive cycle that once consumed my life. From this experience I have understood the importance of health and this is my main motivation to lead a healthy life as well as appreciate it. 


2) How do you fuel your body efficiently?


Fuelling my body efficiently, for myself is often about three things, balanced meals, preparation and timing. Being an advanced dancer demands a lot of energy to power my body in class. This means that no matter what time the dance class may be in the day, whether it be early morning or late evening, I always make sure I have fuelled my body before hand with vegan goodness. It is also very useful to have a snack bar or smoothie in my bag at all times, just in case I need an extra boost of energy. I often prepare and pack lunch and snacks so that I never dance or exercise on an empty stomach, as I wouldn’t be able to push myself to my potential without the energy. A key element of efficiency is about balance. Your body finds it difficult to absorb nutrients and minerals from foods without certain food groups, and your body will also struggle to power your muscles correctly without certain food groups. This means that balance plays a large role in efficiency, so trying I try my best to make mindful and balanced meals as it really benefits our body’s ability to be efficient.


3) What does playfulness mean for you?


To me, playfulness means freedom and being playful means to be full of joy. It is personal to everyone, as everyone’s character, spirit and passions are different. But in short playfulness to me is all about freedom, when you watch a child run in a game of tag to me it screams freedom. When I dance I feel incredibly playful as I play with my dynamics, play with my body and play with the music, and at these moments I feel like my spirit, my mind and everything that is ‘me’ is free. Playing is a way to express your happiness, and a way to express your emotions... it’s a release and a beautiful breathe of escapism. 


4) Between balancing your personal life and maintaining your always Margi blog, how do you make time to stay playful? 


The balance between business and play is often hard to find. Blogging is something I enjoy but it requires a lot of serious brain power and it can become exhausting if I don’t give myself the time away to play. Like I’ve expressed already, playing to me is dancing and luckily dancing comes into my personal life. As adults we often don’t believe we have the time to play, and we blame our busy lives for not allowing us a break, however finding the time to play should be one of everyone’s priorities. Playing doesn’t require more than thinking creatively, or a little outside the box. 


5) Do you have any tips on integrating playful practices into the daily life of others? 


It’s sometimes easy to fall into the trap of doing 'what everyone else is doing' (even if we don't like what they are doing), and we subsequently forget to enjoy doing more of what we love. Let’s face it, what’s the point in doing things all the time that we don’t actually enjoy? We spend far too long focusing our energies on parts of our lives which we just 'do', that we forget to embrace the things we love to do. We forget to play.. Yes, we need to 'do' the washing, the hovering and cleaning up, but we also need to do what we love doing... or we can't stay sane! My suggestions to others is to prioritise fun and to do something you love daily. If art takes your fancy or you’ve always loved gardening, why not do them more often? When we take away the complicated side of adult life, it can actually be rather simple, but as soon as adult life arrives so many people forget that adults have a right just as much as children to do the things we love. As long as we’re doing the fundamental things in our lives, then using the rest of our time to do things we enjoy should be a priority! Enjoying life and spending time doing the things you love is most definitely essential for releasing any negativity you have bottled away... And that’s a productive thing! You see, playing is productive too!

Photography by: Margherita Barbieri

Photography by: Margherita Barbieri

Margherita Barbieri