A beautiful relationship with food

I believe we must all strengthen our relationships with food, we need to stop struggling to find beauty in ourselves, we simply need to learn the connection between beauty and nutrition. Lets begin by shifting our thinking to transform our lives. First, what really is food? 


The essence of food, of course, is fuel. Every bite or sip delivering energy to your body to thrive. Nutritious food enhances your beauty and the powerful magic food contains will help you to flourish, as well as survive. 


Nurturing our bodies can become a confusion, when influences from the outside world, media and the pressure we place on ourselves becomes a blur. Sometimes it can make us feel that in order to be beautiful, we need to limit our food to look a certain way or create strict rules, patterns and habits around food. 


If we take these influences to heart we will be misled into thinking that food works against our beauty, and soon food will become an enemy rather than a saviour. 


Thoughts like these can easily develop into disordered eating and illogical behaviours, such as performing habits or following strict guidelines or can sadly even develop into serious eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and orthorexia.


I suffered from severe anorexia nervosa for many years of my life, and I discovered that the only way I would recover successfully was to love, appreciate and become friends with food again. Once I positively reintroduced myself to food, I quickly learnt that we were natural partners. Nutritious food was going to help me find freedom. Food is a gift, we need to be grateful for the power, energy, care and health is provides for us. I feel now that I almost used to take food for granted, depriving myself of it always, shaming food to make it appear as a negative thing when in fact it is a miracle. 


Viewing food as an enemy can only age, harm, deprive and suck away your beauty for decades to come. It is time we all celebrated our newly found love for food. Nutritious food is the most powerful beauty tool in the world, as its there for our enjoyment. It's an extraordinary medicine for our bodies that we don't need a prescription for. Food isn't a grenade or time bomb, it shouldn't make you feel overweight or regretful. Love yourself and don't worry about trying to look like someone else. 


Find your beauty and your health, once you find it you are unstoppable. Really, believe me, once you find out that loving yourself is your most incredible super power, there's nothing the world can throw against you. 


There's a universal message here. Our food choice gives us power to reshape our minds, beauty, beliefs and bodies. Our bodies constantly remake themselves, it may not be immediately noticeable by eye but your body is at hard work producing new cells to replace those you lose. In fact right this second and at this very moment your body is creating millions of new cells to deliver all over your body. Eating healthy foods strengthens your cell manufacturing team to create cells that are more resilient and stronger. At the same time is assists our defence system and renews our beauty army.  


Wholesome, healthy food is fantastic for us but life is all about balance. Make sure you pack in those superfoods, feel good foods and food with high levels nutrients, minerals and vitamins but also allow yourself to be instinctive, if your body craves a certain food or food group listen to what it's telling you. 


Listen to your body and appreciate what food you need to look and feel your best. Learning to nourish yourself from the inside will give you glowing beauty on the outside. Plus learning to listen to your body on the inside will boost the glowing even more. When you begin with helping yourself from the inside-out you will also develop a profound knowledge and understanding about yourself that you will carry with yourself for the rest of your life. This journey of nurturing yourself may become an emotional wave, you will open so many doors you once forced shut. It's a beautiful journey of discovering yourself. I want to share this beauty wisdom I have learnt, with all of you, for you to put in practice and use in every stage of your life. 

Photography by: Rebecca Alison

Photography by: Rebecca Alison

Margherita Barbieri