It's Mother Nature

Mother Nature is in all of us, Mother Nature is all around us but Mother Nature is often ignored and mistreated. Whether it be within the animals the world slaughters and sells or whether it be the litter and waste that is lurking within our choices.

We as humans are Mother Nature’s greatest protectors but we are also Mother Nature’s greatest enemy. We can choose to throw rubbish into the woods for the trees to grow over it or to leave it on the shore for the tide to wash it away. But what we don’t understand is what destructive consequences these careless choices make to the earth and to the animals living in it.

I made this sharpie after reading a chapter in the book, "Mindfulness & the Natural World” by Claire Thompson. 

Art Credit: Margherita Barbieri

Art Credit: Margherita Barbieri

Margherita Barbieri